you'll be dust by monday

by Chumhead

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the skin on my fingertips is falling off
from digging up the dirt in my backyard
where i buried the sound of passing cars in the nighttime
along with the shadow of the headlights on my wall
that make me think of lightning flashing overhead
until my stomach drops through the floor
and i want to close the hole up
and pretend there's nothing there

if i look out the window for too long everything starts getting really bright
and when i look away there are these big white spots that dance in front of my eyes
like ghosts that haunt the places i've been
i can see them in the rearview
like they're calling for me to come back
but i can't come back

watch me turn to dust before your eyes
so you can sigh and walk past
just walk past
i can't live like this forever
so move on
i'll move on

we move through the streets and keep our heads low
we see kids we know and pull up our hoods
we think if there's anywhere else we should be we won't hesitate to go
but we know a lie when it's spoken so we only think it
we frame pictures with cracks from the pavement
we crack the frames when we think we're all done
but done is just another version of a beginning
we sit under the overpass
you ask what i'm thinking about and i say nothing because it's just easier this way


released August 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Chumhead Boston, Massachusetts

just a couple of kids with some plans.

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