i know more than albert einstein

by Chumhead

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a lady was yelling "anotha dolla, anotha day" as we were recording this. unfortunately it didn't end up in the audio.


you pull your shade down in the 
seat behind me 
you're alright with what's here
you've seen this enough to know 
there's nothing there
well, you must think the grass only covers dirt 
but i've seen what the insects hide
and wouldn't you like to know?
so go, dig a hole
and bury your head with them
they'll show you
they'll show you
then you'll know, you'll know
do you see why i keep my eyes 
open at night?
do you think your secrets are safe 
behind your eyelids?
you think you're alone?
i've seen what's behind those kaleidoscopes
and you wouldn't like to know
you wouldn't know
so go, 
break some mirrors
and cut your cheeks with them
they'll still show you
they'll show you
then you'll know
i need to know everything
can't you see that's why i'm here?
but what's the point,
what's the point?
if everything's relative,
it's nothing to you.


released August 25, 2014
shout out to my homedog william beckett. he wasn't involved in this at all. thanks



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Chumhead Boston, Massachusetts

just a couple of kids with some plans.

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