Slouched Backs

by Chumhead

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Made in Anna's bedroom. This EP is long overdue but it's finally here.


released February 7, 2016

Shout-out to Nicole for helping us make the booklets and to Game Hoe$ for trying to help us name Safe Travels.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Chumhead Boston, Massachusetts

just a couple of kids with some plans.

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Track Name: Slouched Backs
you said the future was a delicate thing
I accused you of telling lies through clenched teeth
even as I did the same
we had our final shouting match on the highway
beside the car parked in the ditch
while others screamed past us in a blur of light
I told you get out walk home with your tail between your legs
you told me “so what it’s not my fault”
we’ve just got slouched backs and poor posture
sit up straight
we never did tell the truth but we never did
Track Name: Safe Travels
I dare not travel back home
or I’ll go back to the same routine
though much good has come from my room
it’s where it all began
we can make it new again
and swim before we stagnate and sink
I dare not wander from my home and stray into the unknown
why map the useless why explore the needless?
Track Name: Young Pilgrims (the Shins cover)
a cold and wet November dawn
and there are no barking sparrows just emptiness to dwell upon
I fell into a winter slide and ended up the kind of kid
who goes down chutes too narrow just eking out my measly pies
but I learned fast how to keep my head up
cause I know I got this side of me that
wants to grab the yoke from the pilot and just
fly the whole mess into the sea
another slow train to the coast
some brand new gory art from way on high
I sink and then I swim all night
I watch the ice melt on the glass
while the eloquent young pilgrims pass
and leave behind their trail imploring us all not to fail
of course I was raised to gather courage from those
lofty tales so tried and true and
if you're able I'd suggest it cause this
modern thought can get the best of you.
this rather simple epitaph can save your hide your falling mind
fate isn't what we're up against there's no design no flaws to find
there's no design no flaws to find
Track Name: Wide Eyes
SO GET OUT safer now that we skipped over the gaping holes
in our floor could be the only things in our lives that ever were constant
SO DON’T LIE I know you want to keep your love alive
I’ve seen the look on your hollowed face
as they send you away again and again
SO COME BACK it’s safer now they’ve gone and left us behind
we have the same cold feet hitting hollow ground
as we run from the flames and out of the smoke
SO WHY WAIT if this is what you wanted all along
who am I to hold you back?
I’ve always known you’d do anything to keep your love alive
SO BURN BACK into the sand and
when it’s her calling out your name
won’t you come running to her aid
or are you still afraid to look her in the eye
and know it’ll never be the same
SO GET OUT safer now that you’ve gone and won’t come back
the streets still remember your running feet
and call you a coward behind your back
SO DON’T LIE I know you still care if you love is alive
if her heart still beats out the rhythm of your name
(whatever the fuck that means) I won’t lie
but she does not feel the same SO WHY WAIT?
Track Name: Honey
I am frigid light as a cloud
I can feel my thoughts as they pour down
I am stronger now that I stand up tall
but my spine is weak and my steps feel wrong
take flitting breaths you can drive to the edge of wherever
now we can dance together somehow
I should just release my grip and drive
there’s a price to pay for freedom now it’s shut into a drawer
and soon it’ll slip into the pockets of the rich
but I feel fine honey I feel just fine.
why do I feel fine?